The Spirit of Volunteering

Many see volunteering as nothing more than 40 hours that they need to fulfill to graduate. YNA aims to make clear that that is not the case.

First, volunteering is an easy way to gain professional experience.

In fact, it’s very much like having a job, in that you are responsible for carrying out duties, for planning and organizing events, or even for working on projects. This allows students to gain various skills such as organization, teamwork, and leadership, which will put them a step ahead of the rest when they enter the workforce.

Additionally, youth can connect and collaborate with other talented individuals. If you’ve been at a camp or at an event, you certainly know that you can meet not only other determined students, but also potential employers. When you’re volunteering, you’re always making new connections.
“Volunteering allows youth to discover new interests and passions.”
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Finally, we believe that volunteering allows youth to discover new interests and passions. YNA has been present at several different events and with many different organizations, from outdoor festivals to professional conferences. Who knows? Many of our members have discovered something new.
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