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"Initially, I volunteered with YNA to complete my 40 hours. I realized I was not just giving to the community - I was gaining from it. So that 40 hours became 50 to 60 to 70 and so on. At this point I do not care for the hours; I care about the work experience and the bonds I make that make me a well rounded individual. Time flies when I am volunteering because I get to be so productive while having fun. I get to talk to new people, make long lasting friendships, make connections, eat good free food and wear comfy shirts provided by YNA as I help the community. Setting up the events and cleaning up may seem boring but that is only if you do it alone. With the volunteers at YNA, I find myself constantly smiling and easily communicating with so many down-to-earth people! This is the first non-profit organization I have stuck with for over 3 years and I have no intentions on leaving any time soon."
"Youth Nation Alliance is not just an organization that connects youth in the community, but also one that builds character. Throughout my experiences in YNA, I have become more confident, communicative, and passionate about volunteering in my community. YNA has allowed me to take on leadership and initiative, as the organization provides me with the opportunities to accept greater responsibility by running events. The forty volunteer hours needed for high school graduation are just an added benefit to the valuable experience which I have acquired from being an active member of Youth Nation Alliance."
"Volunteering and giving back to my local community has always been something that I have valued since an early age. Through YNA, I have connected with countless like-minded peers who value the self-rewarding experience of volunteering as much as I do. It is the experiences offered by YNA, such as cheering on the athletes at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon or participating in local news interviews that have furthered my personal passion for volunteering. I can honestly say that when we work collectively as a team, we can truly make a difference in the lives of others."
I co-founded YNA with the purpose of helping my community and also my peers. Seeing many of them lack self-confidence in their own abilities made me create YNA to encourage self-discovery by volunteering. By providing an interesting and diverse array of volunteer positions, there truly was something for everyone. But YNA is more than just an organization. To me and those involved in it, it’s a community in itself. The passionate people, supportive network, and passionate executive team creates an atmosphere where members are valued. It truly makes me proud to say YNA is more then just an organization - it’s a family, and I welcome you to it.


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